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An observation on pollinating insects and their flowervisiting behavior on Pyrola dahurica
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Key Words:Pyrola dahurica, pollinators, flower visiting behavior, visiting frequencies

The species of visiting insects, visiting frequency, visiting time and visiting behavior to Pyrola dahurica (H.Andr.) Kom were preliminarily studied. The result indicated: (1) Visiting insects to P. dahurica (H.Andr.) Kom include 3 orders,10 families and 16 species, in which the pollinating insects are 9 species belonging to 5 families. The mainly pollinating insects include Phaonia hybrida ssp.,Bombus ignitus, Piidonia puziloi(Soisky) and Mordellidae sp. (2) The visiting frequency is obviously different among various  pollinating insects. The visiting frequency of P. hybrida ssp and Mordellida reaches the high peak twice each day,at 9:00~10:00 a.m. and 14:00~15:00 p.m. respectively; The visiting frequency of Bombus ignitus is very low each day, which is comparatively higher at 11:00~12:00 a.m. and 15:00~16:00 p.m. than the other time in a day; The visiting frequency of P. puziloi reaches the high peak at about noon each day.(3) Among the three main pollinating insects, the visiting time of P. puziloi is the longest, about 10~15 minutes, which mainly eats the pollen of P. dahurica. The visiting time of P. hybrida ssp is comparatively shorter, about 10~25 seconds, which mainly laps the stigma secretionof the P. dahurica, and that of B. ignitus is the shortest, about 5~10 seconds, which mainly eats the pollen of P. dahurica.

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