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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsored by:Chinese Society of Entomological;institute of zoology, chinese academy of sciences;
Address:Chaoyang District No. 1 Beichen West Road, No. 5 hospital,Beijing City,100101, China


2.Progress regarding insect cytochrome P450.

QIU Xing-Hui,HE Feng-Qin,LI Mei,LENG Xin-Fu

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5.Health risks associated with house ants and control methods for these pests.

LI Jian-Quan1,2,SHEN Zuo-Rui1,HOU Jian-Jun2,CHEN Jian-Xin1

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7.Effect of host plants on cold hardiness of overwintering pupae of the cotton bol lworm, Helicoverpa armigera.

YANG Yan-Tao1,2,XIE Bao-Yu1,GAO Zeng-Xiang1,LIU Zhu-Dong1,LI Dian-Mo1

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8.Relationship between lunar phase and capture rate of cotton bollworm moths using poplar twig bundle traps in Tongzhou, Jiangsu Province.

SHENG Cheng-Fa1,WANG Chen-Zhu1,ZHANG Jian-Ming2,GAO Zeng-Xiang1,WANG Hong-Tuo1,XUAN Wei-Jian1

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9. Biology of the wheat stem sawfly and control countermeasures.

HUANG Xiang-Guo,WANG Hai-Qing,GE Ju-Mei,GAO He-Chen,LI Chun-Xi

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14.Variation of body color in Episyrphus balteatus

HUO Ke-Ke1,2,ZHENG Zhe-Min1

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17.Diversity of butterflies in Yaoluoping.

WANG Song,MEI Bai-Mao,BAO Fang-Yin,WANG Xu-Zheng

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18.Bionomics of Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus in Tongcheng, Anhui Province.

FANG Hai-Wei1,ZHANG Bing-Wang2,FANG Xiang-Qun1,CHEN Chun-Qiu1,LI Qing-Lin1,YAO Cheng-Yi3,YU Hong-Bin4

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19.Toxicity of four insecticides to Aphis gossypii.

GUO Yi-Mei,LI Zhen-Yu,XU Hong-Ru

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21.Spatial patterns of Hylobitelus xiaoi larvae and their sampling methods.

WEN Xiao-Sui1,SHI Ming-Qing1,YE Meng1,LUO Yong-Song2,ZHANG Jing-Jie3,DENG Rong-Lin4

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22.Rearing Actinote thalia pyrrha and Actinote anteas on potted Mikania m icrantha.

LI Zhi-Gang2,HAN Shi-Chou1,GUO Ming-Fang1,LI Li-Ying1.

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24. Gynandromorphism in insects.

CUI Jian-Xin,CAI Wan-Zhi

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25.How to abbreviate English titles of entomological periodicals.

WU Kun-Jun,SHENG Cheng-Fa,GONG Pei-Yu

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