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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsored by:Chinese Society of Entomological;institute of zoology, chinese academy of sciences;
Address:Chaoyang District No. 1 Beichen West Road, No. 5 hospital,Beijing City,100101, China
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2.Advances in research on the rapid cold hardening of insects
ZHANG Xiao-Xiang;JUNAID Iqbal;DU Yu-Zhou
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3.Symbiotic microbiota and insecticide resistance in insects
WANG Zheng-Yan;WANG Wen-Fang;LU Yu-Jie
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5.Transcriptome and differential analysis of adult male and female Procecidochares utilis Stone
GAO Ping;LI Li-Fang;LAN Ming-Xian;LI Meng-Yue;LIAO Xian-Bin;WU Guo-Xing;GAO Xi
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6.Identification of the peritrophic membrane proteome of Spodoptera exigua
LIANG Zhen-Pu;LI Peng-Juan;WANG Liang;WANG Zhao-Xing;ZHANG Xiao-Xia
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8.Identification of reference genes in the heads of Mythimna separata with real-time quantitative PCR under different light sources
DUAN Yun;GONG Zhong-Jun;WU Ren-Hai;WU Xiao-Bo;MIAO Jin;LI Tong;JIANG Yue-Li;WU Yu-Qing
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10.DNA barcoding of Anagrus dmitrievi (Hymenoptera, Mymaridae)
Nuriye·Muhetaier;CHEN Guang-Hui;PENG Jie;GAO Bin;ZHANG Xiao-Dong;XI Ou-Yan;Julidezi·Aishan
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12.Infection of Hyphantria cunea with Isaria javanica and associated changes in antioxidant enzyme activity
GE Zhe-Hao;WANG Wen-Xiu;DONG Guang-Ping;PAN Hong-Yang;CHEN Feng-Mao
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13.Responses of several enzymes in Acyrthosiphon solani (Kaltenbach) to deltamethrin and temperature stress
ZHANG Wen-Lin;HAN Lan-Lan;ZHAO Kui-Jun;XIAO Jian-Fei;CHEN Juan;GAO Li-Tong;ZHU Lin;GAO Yun-Lei
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14.Effect of volatiles emitted from galls induced by Gephyraulus lycantha on host selection by Pseudotorymus jaapiellae
ZHU Xiu;LIU Sai;XU Chang-Qing;WANG Xiang;GUO Kun;XU Rong;QIAO Hai-Li;CHEN Jun
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16.Adult activity and hatching rhythms of Athetis dissimilis (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)
DONG Shao-Qi;TIAN Cai-Hong;GUO Xian-Ru;YUAN Xing-Xing;TANG Jin-Rong;WANG Xin-Hui;ZHAO Man
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19.The potential for using Scleroderma sichuanensis as a vector for fungal pathogens of Monochamus alternatus
YANG Chun-Ping;TAO Yuan-Yuan;XIANG Mao-Rong;YANG Wei;YANG Hua
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22.The extraction and identification of active components of the sex pheromones of Zeuzera leuconotum Butler (Lepidoptera: Cossidae)
LIU Hong-Xia;JING Xiao-Yuan;ZHENG Hai-Xia;YANG Mei-Hon;ZHANG Jin-Tong;ZHU Wei-Hua;LIU Jin-Lo
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23.Comparison of sampling methods for investigating arthropod communities in soybean fields
LI Yue-Ming;GAO Yu;WU Lei;MIAO Yu;XU Zhe;SHI Shu-Sen
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24.Progress in the artificial rearing of the leaf-folder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis
XU Hong-Xing;QIAN Jia-Ning;WANG Guo-Rong;Lü Zhong-Xian;YANG Ya-Jun
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