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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsored by:Chinese Society of Entomological;institute of zoology, chinese academy of sciences;
Address:Chaoyang District No. 1 Beichen West Road, No. 5 hospital,Beijing City,100101, China
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1.Advances in research on the gut microbiota of the black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens, larvae
ZHAO Jun-Hui, CHENG Ping, WANG Yi, YAN Xun, LI Yi-Yong, PENG Dong-Hai, YU Guo-Hui
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6.Potential origin of mass rice leaf folder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis, moths in Nanjing in the late rice season of 2021
MA Yi-Bo, YANG Jin-Xi, HUANG Le, LU Zhen-Zhen, ZHU Feng, ZHANG Yi-Yang, GAO Bo-Ya, HU Gao
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7.Population and migration trajectory of nine Noctuidae species in the transitional period between northward and southward migration
GUO Sen, LI Li-Li, Lü Su-Hong, CUI Hong-Ying, GUO Wen-Xiu, SONG Ying-Ying, YU Yi, MEN Xing-Yuan, YIN
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9.The circadian eclosion rhythm of Spodoptera frugiperda in response to photoperiod cues
Lü Chang-Ning, HUANG Xu, WANG Wei-Tong, HE Yu-Kun, HU Gao, PAN Wei-Dong, CHEN Fa-Jun, WAN Gui-Jun
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10.Density-dependent phase polyphenism in the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda
KANG Hui-Ming, WANG Wei-Tong, WANG Shi-Shi, HE Yu-Kun, Lü Chang-Ning, CHEN Fa-Jun, PAN Wei-Dong
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11.Effect of the number of light sources and fumigation on the effectiveness of searchlight traps
GUO Sen, LI Li-Li, CUI Hong-Ying, GUO Wen-Xiu, SONG Ying-Ying, Lü Su-Hong, YAN Yue, ZHU Chen, YIN Sh
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12.Cloning the Panonychus citri fatty acid binding protein gene, and the response of this gene under food deprivation
ZHANG Xiao-Jing, KONG Xin-Yan, YANG Cui, LIU Wen-Qi, YUAN Yong-Yi, ZOU Zhi-Wen, XIA Bin, XIN Tian-Ro
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13.Cloning and RNAi study of Apis cerana cerana cuticular proteins AcFCP12
GUO Yue, LI Yan, WANG Cheng-Cheng, ZHANG Jie, ZHANG Fei-Yang, DANG Xiao-Qun, ZHOU Ze-Yang
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15.Role of vision and olfaction in short-distance mate location and recognition in Aromia bungii (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
PENG Xin-Yi, YANG Xue-Jin, ZHOU Yuan-Yuan, LI Shuang, SUN Zuo-Xiang, WEI Jian-Rong, CAO Dan-Dan
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17.Tunnelling and cocooning behaviour of Carposina coreana larvae
ZHANG Hong-Yu, ZHANG Guo-Lei, ZHANG Yu-Qing, XU Chang-Qing, LIU Sai, QIAO Hai-Li, LU Peng-Fei
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18.Preferred Grapholita molesta (Busck) oviposition sites in peach orchards
LI Xu-Zhao, GE Ya-Fei, HU Xue-Jiao, YANG Xiao-Fan, WEI Guo-Shu
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20.Effects of the Beauveria bassiana GZGY strain on the pathogenicity and reproduction of Polyphagotarsonemus latus
ZHANG Yan-Nan, BI Si-Jin, LI Yue, WU Sheng-Yong, WANG En-Dong, XU Xue-Nong
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22.Effects of Beauveria bassiana-maize symbionts on the growth and development of Ostrinia furnacalis
XIE Min, LU Yang, ZHANG Yun-Yue, LI Qi-Yun, SUI Li, ZHANG Zheng-Kun
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23.Effectiveness of four insecticides against Clanis bilineata larvae in the field
LI Xiao-Feng, FAN Ji-Wei, LI Ke-Bin, YIN Jiao, GUO Ming-Ming
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24.Resistance of Panonychus ulmi Koch to five commonly used acaricides in apple orchards in Shaanxi province
HUANG Bao-Jian, ZHANG Ji-Long, ZHANG Xiao-He, SU Sha, CHEN Mao-Hua
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26.Comparison of three methods of extracting DNA from acaroid mites without causing morphological damage to specimens
FAN Hai-Ye, ZHU Yong-Hang, CHEN Hui-Lin, LIU Lu-Yao, ZHAO Wei, CAO Yu-Xiang, YE Chang-Jiang, SUN En-
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