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           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Resistance of transgenic Bt corn variety BT799 to the Asian corn borer
Author of the article:WANG Yue-Qin** HE Kang-Lai*** JIANG Fan WANG Yi-Dong ZHANG Tian-TaoWANG Zhen-Ying BAI Shu-Xiong
Author's Workplace:State Key Laboratory for Biology of Plant Diseases and Insect Pests, Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of AgriculturalSciences, Beijing 100193
Key Words:event BT799, transgenic Cry1Ac gene corn, Ostrinia furnacalis, host plant resistance
Abstract:     [Objectives]  To review the resistance of transgenic Bt corn to target pests which is one of the primarily steps for research and development of insect-resistant, transgenic corn. This review mainly evaluates the resistance of transgenic Cry1Ac gene corn variety BT799 to the Asian corn borer (ACB), Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenée), and measured the quantity of Cry1Ac protein expressed in corn plant tissues. [Methods]  Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, laboratory bioassay and field studies with artificial infestation were employed in this study. [Results]  The expression levels of Cry1Ac protein were 768.0 ng/g (protein/fresh leaves), 1452.8-2978.5 ng/g (protein/dry mass of silk, husk and young kernels). Leaf-feeding rates in field trials indicated that BT799 and CC-2XBT799 were highly resistant to ACB. The survival of ACB larvae feeding on Zhengdan 958K, a single cross hybrid containing BT799, was significantly lower (0-37.5%) than that of larvae that fed on non-Bt Zhengdan 958 (89.9%-100.0%). In addition, larval survival of Cry1Ac-, Cry1Ie-, and Cry1F-selected ACB strains (ACB-AcR, ACB-IeR and ACB-FR) were significantly different when fed on Zhengdan 958K. ACB-IeR had the lowest survival followed by ACB-FR, both of them had significantly lower survival than those that fed on the control Zhengdan 958.  However, the survival of ACB-AcR was not significantly different from larvae feeding on the control Zhengdan 958. [Conclusion]  These results suggests that the transgenic Bt corn variety BT799 is highly toxic to the ACB and can provide effective control for ACB in the field.
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