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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Analysis of the sequence of the 5'UTR region of the Chineseblack queen cell virus-JL1
Author of the article:YANG Qian1, 2** ZHANG Jian3 SONG Zhan-Yun1*** ZHENG Yan1 WANG Xiang-Hui1SUI Jia-Chen1 WANG Zhen
Author's Workplace:1. Center of Technology, Jilin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Changchun 130062, China; 2. Jilin Agricultural University, Changchun 130118, China; 3. Changchun Institute of Biological Products Company Limited, Changchun 130062, China
Key Words: BQCV, 5'UTR, RT-PCR, sequence analysis, phylogenetic tree
Abstract: Black queen cell virus (BQCV) is a pathogen that mainly infects the queen bee larvae. The BQCV genome has a single positive-stranded RNA and two open reading frames (ORF); ORF 1 at the 5 ' end and ORF 2 at the 3' end, encoding non-structural, and structural, proteins respectively. Our laboratory has successfully isolated and identified the first BQCV strain in China, named Chinese BQCV-JL1 strain, which consists of 8 358 nucleotides. [Objectives]  To characterize BQCV nucleotide sequences between 1 nt and 1 124 nt, and specifically the fragment containing the 5'UTR region (1-545 nt). [Methods]  Nucleotide and amino acid sequences were analyzed using Blast and DNAStar software. [Results]  The 5'UTR region is highly conserved with homology between 94% and 99%. [Conclusion]  Mega5 software for multiple sequence alignment analysis shows that the Chinese BQCV-JL1 strain is very different from other BQCV strains. We infer that this is because of base deletion and base replacement.
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