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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Preliminary observations on the morphological and biological characteristics of Plecoptera oculata (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae)
Author of the article:LIU Yi1** CAO Chun-Lei2 MA Tao3 LI Yi-Zhen1*** WEN Xiu-Jun1 ZHANG Yuan-Yuan1
Author's Workplace:1. College of Forestry, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China;2. Zhaoqing Institute of Forestry, Zhaoqing 526020, China; 3. Pherobio Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing 101102, China
Key Words: Plecoptera oculata, morphology, life history, biological characteristics, life habits
Abstract: Plecoptera oculata Moore is a serious defoliator of Dalbergia odorifera forests. [Objectives]  To investigate the morphology, biological characteristics and life cycle of P. oculata. [Methods]  Laboratory observation and field investigation. [Results]  The larvae of P. oculata had 6 instars. The duration of a whole generation was (41.64±1.59)d, and the over-wintering stage lasted three months. The egg stage lasted for (7.53±0.40)d, and the ratio of egg fertility was about 86.67%±1.43%. The larval stage lasted for (18.42±0.41)d and the pupal stage (8.67±0.58)d. The life span of adults was (7.02±0.78)d. There are 7 or 8 generations per year in Guangdong and generations overlap. [Conclusion]  Biological characteristics of P. oculata provide both a practical and theoretical basis for the control and prevention of this pest.
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