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           CN 11-6020/Q
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Identification and evaluation of 21 sugarcane varieties for resistance to borers
Author of the article:LUO Zhi-Ming** YIN Jiong HUANG Ying-Kun*** LI Wen-Feng WANG Xiao-Yan ZHANG Rong-Yue SHAN Hong
Author's Workplace:Sugarcane Research Institute, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Kaiyuan 661699, China
Key Words:sugarcane borers, sugarcane varieties, resistance identification

[Objectives]  To quantify the resistance of sugarcane varieties to borers and provide a foundation for the propagation of insect-resistant varieties and the discovery of insect-resistant genes. [Methods]  We studied damage to the seedlings and mature plants of different sugarcane varieties caused by natural borer populations and used cluster analysis to evaluate the relative resistance of these different sugarcane varieties. [Results]  The proportion of dead hearts, borer-damaged stems (internode), and wormhole number, per plant were significantly different between the 21 different sugarcane varieties examined. These varieties could be ranked on a scale from 1 to 4 for resistance to borers where 1 was the most resistant and 4 the least resistant. Variety (RCO10), which had the lowest proportion of dead hearts, borer-damaged stems (internode) rate and wormholes, ranked first in resistance. Four varieties (YT60, LC05-136, GT29, YT55), which had a low proportion of dead hearts, and a moderate proportion of borer-damaged stems (internode) and wormholes, ranked second. Nine sugarcane varieties (FN38, GT31, et al.), which had a moderate proportion of dead hearts, borer-damaged stems (internode) and wormholes, ranked third. Seven varieties (FN39, DZ03-83, et al.), which had a high proportion of dead hearts, borer-damaged stems (internode) and wormholes, ranked fourth. [Conclusion]  The damage to sugar cane plants caused by sugarcane borers varied with sugarcane variety and growth period. There were marked differences in the resistance of the different sugarcane varieties examined to borers.

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