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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
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Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Identification of reference genes in the heads of Mythimna separata with real-time quantitative PCR under different light sources
Author of the article:DUAN Yun;GONG Zhong-Jun;WU Ren-Hai;WU Xiao-Bo;MIAO Jin;LI Tong;JIANG Yue-Li;WU Yu-Qing
Author's Workplace:河南省农作物病虫害防治重点实验室, 农业部华北南部有害生物治理重点实验室,郑州 450002
Key Words:Mythimna separata; light treatment; reference gene; qRT-PCR
[Objectives]  To select the most stable reference genes for real-time quantitative PCR (qRT-PCR) in Mythimna separate. [Methods]  We assessed mRNA expression of candidate reference genes in the heads of M. separata under different light sources. Five candidate genes, including 18s rRNAEF-1αβ-actinGAPDH, and AK, were selected for qRT-PCR analysis. The expression stabilities of these genes were evaluated with the Ct method, BestKeeper, GeNorm, Normfinder and RefFinder. Pairwise variation (V) of candidate reference genes were calculated by geNorm. [Results]  The Ct values of candidate genes were between 15 and 28. The four software packages differed somewhat in estimating gene stability, however, overall, AK and GAPDH were the best reference genes for M. separata adults under different light conditions. [Conclusion]  It is important to select suitable reference genes for specific conditions to ensure the accurate quantification target genes in qRT-PCR. This study has important practical value for the accurate quantification of target genes of M. separata adults exposed to different light conditions.
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