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           CN 11-6020/Q
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Differences in four mitochondrial genes in male and female Batocera lineolate
Author of the article:MEI Zeng-Xia;LI Jian-Qing
Author's Workplace:1. Shandong Province Key Laboratory on Eco-environments of Yellow River Delta, Binzhou University, Binzhou 256603, China; 2. Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, CAF, Beijing 100091, China
Key Words:Batocera lineolate; female and male adults; mitochondrial genes; difference comparison
[Objectives]  To compare differences in four mitochondrial genes in adult male and female Batocera lineolate, an important pest of poplars, and thereby provide a reference for further research on the population differentiation and phylogeny of this species. [Methods]  Genomes were extracted from female and male adults and four mitochondrial genes; mtDNA COⅠ, COⅡ, Cyt b and 16S rRNA, amplified using PCR. The four gene sequences obtained from male and female adults were compared by sequence alignment. [Results]  There are some differences in the four gene sequences obtained from female and male adults. With respect to base sequence similarity, the greatest divergence between male and the female adults was found in the COⅡgene, which had a similarity index of 98.3%. There were 2 gap bases and 8 conflict bases among the 650 COⅡgene bases compared. The second most sexual dimorphism was in the COⅠgene, which had a similarity index of 98.6%. There were 5 gap bases and 2 conflict bases among the 714 COⅠbases compared. The third most sexual dimorphism was found in the Cyt b gene, which had a similarity index of 98.9%. There were 4 conflict bases among the 472 Cyt b bases compared. The least amount of sexual dimorphism was found in the 16S rRNA, which had a similarity index of 99.2%. There were 2 gap bases and 3 conflict bases among the 833 16S rRNA bases compared. The difference in A+T and C+G content of all four genes was higher in female adults than in males. The values for females and males were 40.84% and 40.96% for the Cyt b gene, 40.10% and 40.70% for the 16S rRNA gene, 38.94% and 38.22% for the COⅡgene and 30.52% and 30.16% for the COⅠgene. [Conclusion]  Sexual differences in base similarity and content of 4 mitochondrial B. lineolate genes highlight the importance of specifying the gender of specimens in studies of population differentiation and phylogeny.
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