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           CN 11-6020/Q
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The diapause rate of hybrid offsprings among three geographic populations in a grasshopper, Oxya chinensis
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Key Words:Oxya chinensis, geographical population, diapause, hybridization, genetic characteristics
Abstract:To understand the genetic characteristics of egg diapause in a grasshopper, Oxya chinensis Thunberg,we investigated geographical variation of egg diapause and diapause percentage of hybrid offsprings among three geographic populations of the grasshopper species, which collected from Jining、Sihong and Zhuzhou. The results indicated that eggpods of the Zhuzhou population contained diapause and nondiapause eggs, the diapause rate was only 20%~30%, but egg diapause rate were 100% in the Jining and Sihong populations。These suggested that egg diapause shows obvious geographic variation in different populations. In reciprocal crossings between Jining and Zhuzhou populations or Sihong and Zhuzhou populations, some eggs of offsprings were nondiapause which had the same characteristicswith Zhuzhou populations. But no matter Zhuzhou populations acted as maternity or paternity, the diapause rates of offsprings were higher than Zhuzhou populations which were approximately with the Jining and Sihong populations. These results suggested that the diapause occurance controlled by female and male gene, while the diapause extent is more close to the parent which has a higher diapause rate.
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