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A comparative study on isozymes of different splash types of Harmonia axyridis
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Key Words:Harmonia axyridis, isozyme, cluster analysis, PCA(principal components analysis)

EST, CAT, α- AMY and MDH isozymes of fifteen splash types of Harmoniaaxyridis (Pallas) were studied using vertical PAGE. The results showed that a total of 25 isozyme loci were obtained, of which 20 loci were polymorphic (PPB=80%). According to the results, the genetic similarity coefficient was 0.44 to 0.96 The average genetic distance was 0.42 The clustering dendrogram was constructed by UPGMA method. Fifteen types were divided into two major groups between which the similarity coefficient was 0.65 PCA (Principal components analysis) clarified that three splash types (H. axyridis ab.conspicua Fald., H. axyridis ab.falcata Hem.and H. axyridis ab.circumscripta Hem.) would be the major parts of genetic variation in H. axyridis(Pallas).

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