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Preference of Batocera horsfieldifor adults to feeding plants
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Key Words:Batocera horsfieldi, host selection, volatile, behavioral selectivity
Abstract:The preference of Batocera horsfieldi Hope adults to various feeding plants was investigated in both field and laboratory. The highest selection rate on Viburnum awabuki and Betula luminifera by B. horsfieldi adults in field was 100% and 92.4%, respectively. Y-tube olfactometer was used to test the role of volatiles from V. awabuki, B.luminifera, Jugians regia L., and Populus tomentosa in host preference of the adults. The results from Y-tube experiment were consistent with the observation in the field. The volatiles from V. awabuki and B.luminifera had strong attractive effect on adults, and the volatiles from their branches had stronger attractant effect than those from leaf. The dichloromethne crude extraction of branches and leaves of V.awabuki by distillation, and aether crude extraction of branches and leaves of both V. awabuki and B.luminifera by soaking were all effective attractrants to the adults.

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