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The nutrient analysis and evaluation of Sanye insectfermented tea
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Key Words:Sanye insectfermented tea, nutrient evaluation, amino acid, fatty acid
Abstract:Objective: The main nutrients (including other physical and chemical characteristics, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and mineral elements) of Sanye insectfermented tea were analyzed and avaluated by comparison with Laoyinginsectfermented tea and green tea, which provide sicentific basis for development of Sanye insectfermented tea. Method:The nutrients and the biochemical constituents were analyzed with routine methods, amino acids with amino acid analyzer and fatty acids with the method of gas chromatography. Besides, the protein pattern recommended by WHO was employed to evaluate the protein nutrients, and the contents of the vitamins and mineral elements were direct indication of the nutrient in this article. Results: There were 36.44% lixiviatings, 16.28% polyphenols, 1.39% amino acids in Sanye insectfermented tea. The total content of essential amino acids for man comes to 0.722%, 2 to 11 times higher than ordinary teas, and especially the contents of lysine, threonine and tryptophan in Sanye insectfermented tea were much more than those of the ordinary teas, while theanine, aspartate and glutamate were much less. The content of fatty acids was 1.23%,  with 35.25% polyunsaturated fatty acids in total fatty acids ; The content of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus are higher with abundant of iron, copper, zinc etc. The contents of vitamin C and vitamin E was as much as those of ordinary teas. Conclusion: In the case of biochemical composition and nutrients, Sanye insectfermented tea can be used as a substitute of ordinary tea beverage. Furthermore,  Sanye insectfermented tea and ordinary teas can also mutually be improved on the nutritive value and taste when being mixed.
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