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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Mating behavior of Colaphellus bowringi
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Key Words:Colaphellus bowringi, mating times, mating duration, mating interval
Abstract:        The cabbage beetle, Colaphellus bowringi Baly is a serious pest of crucifers. These beetles mate repeatedly within their lifespan. The mating behavior of the C. bowringi was systematically observed at a photophase of L∶D=12∶12 at 25℃ for 7 consecutive days. The results were as follows:(1) Pairs mated on average (5.67 ± 0.26) times per day and the highest incidence of mating was 11. There were significant differences in mating frequency among different aged pairs. (2) Beetle spent an average of (238±10) min mating per day, i.e. 33.5% of their total time. The longest recorded amount of time engaged in mating was 493 min per day; 68.5% of the total time. The total time spent mating per day was significantly different among different aged pairs. (3) Mating duration ranged from 8 to 289 min with a mean of (48±2) min. In the course of one day, mating duration gradually shortened with increasing mating frequency. Mating duration was significantly different among different aged pairs. (4) The interval between two consecutive mating bouts ranged from 5 to 300 min with a mean of (75±3) min. The interval between consecutive mating bouts significantly increased with age.
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