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           CN 11-6020/Q
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Analysis of nutritional components of Aspongopus chinensis in Guizhou
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Key Words:Aspongopus chinensis, medical insect, feed insect, nutrition component
Abstract:        The nutritional components of Aspongopus chinensis Dallas in Congjiang and Xishui counties, Guizhou province were determined. The results show that A. chinensis from these two locations contained abundant nutrients; crude protein (350.9 mg·g-1 and 356.5 mg·g-1), crude fat (432.6 mg·g-1 and 436.2 mg·g-1) and ash (22.9 mg·g-1 and 22.8 mg·g-1). Total amino acid content of specimens from in Congjiang and Xishui was 334.3 mg·g-1 and 253 mg·g-1 respectively. Ratios of E/N in specimens from the two locations were 0.7 and 0.5, respectively. Some minerals and trace elements were particularly abundant; Mg was 1.26 mg·g-1 in specimens from Congjiang and 1.32 mg·g-1 in those from Xishui, with no Hg, Pb and As detected. Several kinds of vitamin were detected; Vitamin C was 0.78 mg·g-1 in Congjiang and 0.79 mg·g-1 in Xishui. A. chinensis is an insect food resource with good nutritional qualities.
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