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Ultrastructure of sensilla of Leptocybe invasa
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Key Words: Leptocybe invasa, sensilla, ultrastructure, electron microscope
Abstract:       The morphology and distribution of sensilla on the antenna, compound eye, mouthparts, legs and terminal abdomen of Leptocybe invasa Fisher & LaSalle were observed by means of a scanning electron microscope. Eight types of sensilla, namely Bohm bristles Ⅰ,Bohm bristles Ⅱ, chaeticum sensilla, trichodea sensilla Ⅰ,trichodea sensilla Ⅱ, placoid sensilla Ⅰ, placoid sensilla  Ⅱ and campaniform sensilla, were found on the surface of antenna. Two types of sensilla, namely trichodea sensilla Ⅳ and chaeticum sensilla, were found on the surface of mouthparts. Four types of sensilla, namely trichodea sensilla Ⅰ, trichodea sensilla Ⅲ, chaeticum sensilla and basiconca sensilla were found on legs. Three types of sensilla, namely trichodea sensilla Ⅰ, chaeticum sensilla and coeloconica sensilla were found on the terminal abdomen. The biological function of the various kinds of sensilla found on the antenna is discussed. 
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