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Surveys of oilseed rape insect pest and screening test of aphids controlling agents
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Key Words:rape pests, growth period, aphids, control chemicals
Abstract:  Pest species in oilseed rape fields in Hefei was investigated using field surveys and the efficacy of several pesticides in controlling these pests was tested. Fifteen species of insect pests were found; aphids, rapeseed leaf miner, diamondback moth and Pieris rapae. Of these, aphids were the most harmful. In the oilseed rape growth period, aphids had two population peaks, one in winter and another in spring. In the oilseed rape seedling period the radish aphid and the diamondback moth were the dominant species, while in the pod period, the green peach aphid and leaf miner were the main species. A chemical screening test showed that 70% Imidacloprid WDG had the highest control efficacy for aphids with a longer control period and good plant safety. The control effects of 10% Nitenpyram SL and 25% Pymetrozine WP was also good, these pesticides could be used as replacements for 70% Imidacloprid WDG.
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