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           CN 11-6020/Q
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Primary observation on the types of insect galls on Distylium chinense and the life history of gall maker
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Key Words: Distylium chinese, insect gall, Neothoracaphis yanonis
Abstract:       Different types of insect galls on Distylium chinense (Fr.) Diels are described and the life history of the gall makers investigated. The results show that there were three types of insect galls; large galls on leaves or twigs, vesicular galls on leaves and spherical galls on petioles or fruit. All of these were single-chamber with a closed secondary opening. The gall makers were identified as insects of the Aphididae (Hemiptera), and the species in the vesicular galls was Neothoracaphis yanonis Matsumura which is in a state of semi-metamorphosis and parthenogenesis for two generations from March to May.
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