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The method for sex discrimination of seven phytophagous scarab beetles
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Key Words: phytophagous scarab beetles, sex, identification, scatheless
Abstract:        The abdominal ends of seven common phytophagous scarab beetles, such as Holotrichia oblita Faldermann, Holotrichia parallela Motschulsky, Holotrichia plumbea Hope, Anomala corpulenta Motsch, Holotrichia titanis Reitter, Holotrichia formosana Moser, Metabolus flavescens Brenske were observed carefully with the aid of the microscope (Olympus SZ61) and a quick and accurate method was established to distinguish the sex of beetles without causing any injury to them. As the beetles’ abdominal tips were opened, two separate patches of sclerite were seen in female beetles that were absent in males. Conversely, two inversed “V” shape sclerite patches were observed in male beetles but not in females. Compared to the traditional methods, the method described here provided convenient, quick and accurate sexing of seven species of the Melolonthidae and Rutelidae. This method will be helpful for the forecast and control of the beetles in the field and the collection and identification of their sex pheromones.
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