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           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Using mathematical modeling to analyze the mortality of Tetranychus urticae infested by Hirsutella thompsonii
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Key Words:Hirsutella thompsonii, Tetranychus urticae, temperature and humidity, concentration of spore, mortality, mathematical model

The efficiency of controlling Tetranychus urticae  Koch with the pathogen Hirsutella thompsonii Fisher under various

humidity and temperature conditions was investigated and Grey model prediction and regression analysis were used to

construct a mathematical model of the effects of various parameters on mite mortality. The results indicate that the model

was a perfect fit under the test conditions. Control was most effective at a temperature, humidity and pathogen

concentration of 28.09℃, 100% and 2.5 million/mL, respectively, with a death rate of up to 81.66%. The influence of

temperature on H. thompsonii was found to be greater than that of humidity. H. thompsonii was found to be more sensitive to

changes in the environment at high temperature and humidity. It is concluded that the control efficiency of T. urticae by H.

thompsonii is not high and would need to be improved if H. thompsonii is to be used as a biocontrol agent.

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