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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsored by:Chinese Society of Entomological;institute of zoology, chinese academy of sciences;
Address:Chaoyang District No. 1 Beichen West Road, No. 5 hospital,Beijing City,100101, China


1.Intraguild predation in the insect communities.

MA Ke-Zheng1,2,HAO Shu-Guang1,ZHAO Hui-Yan2,KANG Le1

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4.The recent advances in honeybee queen pheromone.

HU Fu-Liang1,XUAN Hong-Zhuan2

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6.Bionomics and integrated management of five species of cockroaches.

SUN Yun-Qin1,LI Mei1,HE Feng-Qin1,QI Xin2

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7.Advances in the studies on infesting and controlling chironomids in municipal water system.

ZHANG Rui-Lei1,WANG XinHua1,ZHOU Ling2,ZHANG Jin-Song2

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8.Cloning and sequence analysis of cDNA fragments of cytochrome P450 fromHelicoverpa armigera.

AI Ying,QIU Xing-Hui,ZHANG Lin-Lin,LI Mei,HE Feng-Qin

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13.Swarm periods of primary reproductives in Cryptotermes domesticus.

HUANG Zhen-You1,DAI Zi-Rong1,ZHONG Jun-Hong1,QIAN Xing1,LIU Bing-Rong1,XIA Chuan-Guo1,HUANG Hai-Tao1,XIA Fen1,YANG Rui-Ha2,ZHANG Rui-Lin3

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15.Larval spatial distribution pattern of Xylotechus rusticus.

HU Chun-Xiang1,HUANG Yong-Huai1,LI Cheng-Jun2,SUN Jiang-Hua3

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17.Analysis and removing methods of the defensive substance benzoquinone in Tenebrio molitor.

YANG Zhao-Fen1,LIU Huai-Ru2,3,ZHANG Su-Hua1,PENG Yu-Ling1

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21.Occurrence and control of Udaspes folus on the host plant Zingiber mioga.

SUN Xue-Mei,ZHANG Zhi,ZHANG Gu-Feng,YI Hong-Juan,QIANG Ye

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25.Techniques used in insect neurobiology research: electroantennogram recording.

ZHAO Xin-Cheng,YANG Yun-Hua,WANG Ri,WANG Chen-Zhu

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26.Methodology of efficacy tests for mite-repellent chemicals in laboratory.

ZHANG Hong-Jie1,ZHANG Jin-Tong1,SHANG Cheng-Jie2

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