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Progress in research on hormonal and nutritional regulation in insect metamorphosis
Author of the article:LIU Su-Ning** REN Chong-Hua** LI Sheng***
Author's Workplace:(Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Insect Developmental Biology and Applied Technology, Institute of Insect Science and Technology, School of Life Sciences, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510631, China)
Key Words:metamorphosis; hormonal regulation; nutritional regulation
Abstract:Metamorphosis is one of the key factors underlying insect evolution and biodiversity. Insect metamorphosis is mainly regulated by 20-hydroxyecdysone and juvenile hormone which activate the expression of downstream genes to ensure the occurrence of physiological processes such as molting, tissue remodeling and so on. Except for internal hormones, extrinsic nutrients can also regulate metamorphosis by regulating downstream hormone signaling through IIS/TORC1 signaling. This paper summarizes the outstanding achievements of domestic researchers working on the hormonal and nutritional regulation of insect metamorphosis over the past decade, and also discusses prospects for the future research that will provide theoretical guidance for pest control and the utilization of beneficial insects in China.
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