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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsored by:Chinese Society of Entomological;institute of zoology, chinese academy of sciences;
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Growth development and reproduction of Spodoptera frugiperda reared on an artificial diet
Author of the article:YANG Ya-Jun XU Hong-Xing HU Yang HAN Hai-Liang QIAN Jia-Ning YIN Chen Lü Zhong-Xian
Author's Workplace:State Key Laboratory for Managing Biotic and Chemical Threats to the Quality and Safety of Agro-products, Institute of Plant Protection and Microbiology, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hangzhou 310021, China; Institute of Plant Protection, Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guiyang 550006, Institute of Maize and Featured Dryland Crops, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Dongyang 322100, China; Station of Plant Protection, Plant Quarantine and Pesticide Management of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou 310004, China
Key Words:Spodoptera frugiperda; artificial diet; growth and development; reproduction
[Objectives]  To assess the feasibility of using an artificial diet to rear Spodoptera frugiperda, an important agricultural insect pest that invaded to China in January 2019, for study purposes. [Methods]  We compared the growth and reproduction of S. frugiperda fed either an artificial diet or corn leaves. [Results]  The survival of larvae fed on either the artificial diet or corn leaves were 86.33% and 86.00%, respectively, and the durations of the larval periods of larvae raised on these foods were 17.94 d and 18.11 d, respectively. The longevity of male and female adults reared on the artificial diet was 13.92 d and 12.00 d, respectively, compared to 13.83 d and 12.08 d for those reared on corn. The average number of eggs laid by females raised on the artificial diet and those raised on corn leaves was 943.50 and 885.42, respectively. [Conclusion]  There was no significant difference in the growth, development and reproduction of S. frugiperda raised on an artificial diet compared to those raised on corn leaves. The artificial diet is suitable for mass rearing S. frugiperda for research purposes.
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