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           CN 11-6020/Q
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Attraction of methyl eugenol and sweet bait for Bactrocera correcta adults
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Key Words:Bactrocera correcta, methyl eugenol, sweet bait, attraction
Abstract:      The responses of mature and immature adults of Bactrocera correcta(Bezzi) to methyl eugenol (ME) solutions at different concentrations (1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, 9%, w/w), to the mixture of ME and a sweet bait VA (12.5% vinegar, 25% alcohol and 62.5% H2O), and to the combination of the volatiles of ME solutions at different concentrations and a sweet bait SVA (2.5% sugar, 12.5% vinegar, 25% alcohol and 60% H2O) odor, were tested in Y-tube olfactometer in laboratory. The results showed that 3%~9% ME solution demonstrated significant attraction to both mature and immature males. The starved 4 day females (immature), and feeding 4~6 day females (immature) were greatly attracted to 5% ME solution. The mixture of ME and VA showed significant attraction to mature males and immature females. More mature males were attracted to the combination of volatiles of 5% ME solution and SVA ordor than to only 5% ME solution. Similarly, the mixture of 5% ME volatiles and SVA odor, and 7% ME volatiles and SVA odor were both more attractive to immature females than ME solution volatiles alone.
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