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Emergences of bark beetles on pine monitored based on bait trapping
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Key Words:semiochemicals, Cryphalus fulvus, Hylastes plumbeus, Tomicus minor, Tomicus piniperda, emergence
Abstract:    Field tests with bait traps were conducted to monitor bark beetles on pine, Cryphalus fulvus, Hylastes plumbeus, Tomicus minor and Tomicus  piniperda, from 2005 to 2006 in Mount Qianshan of Liaoning. The results showed that two emergence peaks were found for these four species of bark beetles from April 18 to August 10, in which the first peak lasted about 30 days, and the second about 15 days. In  C.  fulvus and   H. plumbeus, the first emergence peak was early to middle May, and the second was middle to late July and early to middle July, respectively. T. minor and T. piniperda had similar emergence peaks, i.e. the first peak in late April to early May and the second in early to middle July. The number of beetles trapped in the first peak was higher than the second except C. fulvus because of its higher population density in first trapped.
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