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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
           CN 11-6020/Q
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Comparison of trapping efficiency for grounddwelling beetles by sugarvinegar mixture and ethylene glycol.
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Key Words:pitfall trapping, trap solution, Coleoptera, capture efficiency, lac agroforestry ecosystem
Abstract:         Grounddwelling beetle communities were investigated by pitfall traps filled with sugarvinegar mixture and ethylene glycol in natural lac forest, plantation lac forest and dry land during 2006~2007. Altogether 522 individuals were collected by the traps containing sugarvinegar mixture, representing 66 species in 19 families of Coleoptera, while 690 individuals were captured by traps containing ethylene glycol, representing 68 species in 19 families. There were 29 species captured by both solutions, comprising 27.6% of the total. More individuals of Tenebrionidae, Scarabaeidae and Carabidae, and less individuals of Scolytidae were captured by traps with sugarvinegar mixture than those with ethylene glycol. In the natural lac forest, traps with sugarvinegar mixture collected significantly fewer individuals and less species but not significantly than those with ethylene glycol. The results indicated that the trapping efficiency of ethylene glycol was a little better than that of sugarvinegar mixture. Some diversity information would lose when sampling only with sugarvinegar mixture or ethylene glycol.
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