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           CN 11-6020/Q
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The nest materials and structure of Megachile (Chalicodoma) desertorum
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Abstract:        Megachile (chalicodoma) desertorum Morawitz is an important pollinator of many endangered species and constructive desert plants in West Erdos Region. The site, materials and structure of 5 148 nests were investigated in this region. The nest materials, pH values, and soil compactions were measured respectively in 4 kinds of nest sites different in surface soil composition, and the process of nesting was observed continuously in fixed points. The results showed that 9580% of nests were built in rock surfaces, while less were built in manmade soil walls, shrub branches, cement column surfaces and steel window frames. The percentage of eastward nests was 831%, southward nests 142%, westward nests 24%, and northward nests 03%. The material was the slurry of sand and saliva. The pH values of nest materials were from 818 to 934, soil compactions about 128~184g/cm3, diameters of most soil particles from 006 mm to 015 mm, and nests were generally composed of 4~10 cells. It indicated that M. desertorum preferred to build nests in eastward rock surfaces with materials of saliva mixing alkaline sand particles from 006 mm to 015 mm in diameter, which also suggested its adaptability to arid and torrid desert habitats.
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