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Issue:ISSN 2095-1353
           CN 11-6020/Q
Director:Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsored by:Chinese Society of Entomological;institute of zoology, chinese academy of sciences;
Address:Chaoyang District No. 1 Beichen West Road, No. 5 hospital,Beijing City,100101, China


5.Functional plants: Current uses and future research

YANG Quan-Feng;OUYANG Fang;MEN Xing-Yuan;GE Feng

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7.Advances in the integrated management of wheat pests based on ecological regulation

MEN Xing-Yuan;DONG Zhao-Ke;LI Li-Li;YANG Quan-Feng;ZHANG Qing-Qing;OUYANG Fang;LU Zeng-Bin;LI Chao; YU Yi;ZHUANG Qian-Ying

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9.Ecological effects of farmland landscape composition on predator populations during the maize seedling stage

ZHANG Qing-Qing;LI Chao;LI Li-Li;OUYANG Fang;SONG Ying-Ying;LU Zeng-Bin;DONG Song;YU Yi;MENG Xing-Yuan

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10.Landscape diversity regulates diamondback moth populations on small spatial scales

ZHANG Jie;HE Wei-Yi;YANG Guang;HUANG Bin;HOU You-Ming

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11.Effects of varying the proportion of cotton habitat area and their fragmentation on the abundance of Bemisia tabaci

SONG Hai-Yan;LI Li-Li;LI Chao;OUYANG Fang;YU Yi;LU Zeng-Bin;MEN Xing-Yuan

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13.Comparison of the main pest insects and their natural enemies in apple orchards with different pest control methods

XIAO Yun-Li;GUO Wei;TANG Wen-Ying;CAI Zhi-Ping;YU Kai;LIU Tong-Xian

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15.Effects of different wheat varieties on the development of Sitobion avenae

FAN Ming-Yuan;LIU Jie;DUAN Xue-Ying;ZHANG Nai-Zhao;GAO Feng

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17.Impacts of organic manure on rice paddy arthropod communities


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18.Behavioral responses of sexually immature, mature virgin, and mated, guava fruit flies to host plant odor

ZHANG Xiao-Jia; QIAN Cheng;YANG Liu-San;LIU Hong-Cui;LI Cheng-Yun;DONG Wen-Xia

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19.Electrophysiological and behavioral responses of Myzus persicae to alarm pheromone and tobacco plant volatiles

WEI Bo;CHEN Bao-Yuan;ZHANG Xiao-Jiao;WEI Cheng-Mei;JING Ying;LI Cheng-Yun;DONG Wen-Xia

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20.Comparison of two types of aggregation pheromone dispensers for trapping Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

SUN Ran-Ran;LI Xiao-Wei;ZHANG Jin-Ming;ZHANG Zhi-Jun;ZHANG Li-Meng; Lü Yao-Bin

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22.Numbers of natural enemies of corn pests attracted by plant volatile lures

SU Jian-Wei;CAI Zhi-Ping;QIAO Fei;MIAO Lin;YIN San-Qiang;ZHENG Pei-Qing

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24.Ecological and economic threshold (EET) and its estimation method

MEN Xing-Yuan;LI Li-Li;OUYANG Fang;ZHANG Qing-Qing; LU Zeng-Bin;LI Chao;GE Feng

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26.Characteristics and potential uses of the functional plant Sonchus arvensis L.

SU Wen-Wen;YANG Quan-Feng;OUYANG Fang;MENG Xing-Yuan;GE Feng

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